Shantou University Medical College (STUMC) has 1 campus: The Main Campus . The accommodation fee range is from 500.00 month/person to 500.00 month/person. You can book different types of rooms in Shantou University Medical College online on CUCAS easily.

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) currently has two campuses: one is the original medical campus located at the center of the Shantou city, and the other one is shared with the main campus of the university in the northeastern suburb. A new medical campus which is life sciences-centered and fully multidisciplinary by integrating valuable resources of Shantou University (STU) has been inaugurated in 2016. Students spend their first two years on the main campus and the rest on the medical campus or hospitals. There are regular school buses running between the campuses.
We provide single rooms in shared apartments on campus for international students. Each student has their own room. Kitchen, bathroom and toilet are shared by the flat mates. All apartments are equipped with air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, electromagnetic oven, kitchen ware, bed, sofa, bookcase, desk, chair, wardrobe and other necessary furniture. 

The accommodation fee varies from CNY800-1600 per month, depending on room type. Heat, electricity, water, Internet, etc. are charged separately.

The Main Campus

The campus is located in the northwestern area of Shantou, a seaside city, with its campus covering a total area of 1.28 and total floor space comprising 448,400 sq.m. The transportation is very convenient where is easy access to city center, hospital and post office.

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